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GPE is a GUI for encrypting files using GPG written in python using the library "pysimplegui".
It uses gpg commands to encrypt files with the public keys that are added to your keyring.
## Dependencies:
- python3
- pysimplegui (pip to install it)
- gnupg
- tk
## How to run it:
- Clone the repository 'git clone'
- Install pysimplegui 'pip install pysimplegui'
- Make it executable 'chmod +x'
- Run it (ex './')
## How it works:
- Click "Browse" to select a file
- Add recipients with the dropdown and the button "Add key"
- Check the list of selected receipients (optional)
- Click "Encrypt" to encrypt the file
## Installer
There is no need of installing GPE, the installer just copies the 'gpe' folder in /opt/ and creates a .desktop icon launcher. If you don't care about the launcher don't run the installer.
In case you want just simply do "bash install"
To remove/uninstall gpe "bash remove"
## What to do:
- Clean up code
- Improve text in GUI
- Function to check if GPG key is verified?
- Import/check GPG keys function?
## Dependencies:
- python3
- pysimplegui
- gnupg
- tk
## How to install run it:
- Clone the repository 'git clone URL'
- Install pysimplegui 'pip install pysimplegui'
- Make it executable 'chmod +x'
- Run it './'
## Screenshot
## GPE installer
## Is not necessary to install GPE, you can run it using python like ("./" or "python")
## The installer is just to have an icon launcher in your Desktop Environment
USAGE="Usage: [install|remove]"
if [ "$1" == "remove" ]
sudo rm -r /opt/gpe
sudo rm /usr/share/icons/python_gpe.png
sudo rm /usr/share/applications/gpe.desktop
echo GPE removed.
elif [ "$1" == "install" ]
echo "Installer started"
## Create a gpe folder
echo "$folder"
sudo mkdir /opt/gpe
sudo cp -r $folder /opt
echo "gpe folder created in /opt/"
## Copy icon and .desktop launcher
sudo cp /opt/gpe/launcher/python_gpe.png /usr/share/icons/python_gpe.png
echo "python_gpe.png copied in /usr/share/icons/python_gpe.png"
sudo cp /opt/gpe/launcher/gpe.desktop /usr/share/applications/gpe.desktop
sudo chmod +x /usr/share/applications/gpe.desktop
echo gpe.desktop launcher copied in /usr/share/applications/gpe.desktop
echo $USAGE
[Desktop Entry]
Exec=python /opt/gpe/
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