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......@@ -8,4 +8,14 @@ In the multicast slot pager messages can be send to a multicast group that is al
In that way receive only devices can receive messages.
Messages can be ―unicast‖ or ―multicast‖. Unicast messages are sent to a single end-device
and multicast messages are sent to multiple end-devices. All devices of a multicast group
must share the same multicast address and associated encryption keys. The LoRaWAN
Class B specification does not specify means to remotely setup such a multicast group or
securely distribute the required multicast key material. This must either be performed during
the node personalization or through the application layer.
......@@ -6,3 +6,8 @@ to try it out:
apt-get install arduino arduino-mk
- get the required libraries from
some things on ECC:
include /usr/share/arduino/
......@@ -4,10 +4,43 @@
struct pagermessage
// there is no space to store all pubkeys of possible senders, so need to be send
EccPoint senderPubkey;
//Will be filled in with the compressed public key. Must be at least
// (curve size + 1) bytes long; for example, if the curve is secp256r1,
// compressed must be 33 bytes long.
uint8_t senderpubkey[33];
// address is SHA1 hash of publickey
int address;
// maybe use 7bit ascii, or even smaller characters (only letters + numbers)
char msg[127];
/* subjectPublicKeyInfo field
* in X.509 certificates [PKI]
* gpg
* A V4 fingerprint is the 160-bit SHA-1 hash of the octet 0x99,
* followed by the two-octet packet length, followed by the entire
* Public-Key packet starting with the version field. The Key ID is the
* low-order 64 bits of the fingerprint. Here are the fields of the
* hash material, with the example of a DSA key:
/* lorawan
Rate Max payload size
0 51
1 51
2 51
3 115
4 222
5 222
6 222
7 222
8:15 not defined
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