Commit ba716f9f authored by yids's avatar yids

header file

parent 875a5b1f
......@@ -102,11 +102,14 @@ struct pl_ctx * pl_init();
struct pl_keypair * pl_create_keypair(struct pl_ctx*);
int pl_set_receiver(struct pl_ctx *ctx, char *public_key);
int pl_set_receiver_by_address(struct pl_ctx *ctx, uint32_t addr);
int pl_send_message(struct pl_ctx *);
int pl_send_message_fifo(struct pl_ctx *ctx, char *fifo);
int pl_receive_message(struct pl_ctx*);
int pl_save_key(struct pl_keypair *key, char * filename);
int pl_load_key(struct pl_ctx *ctx, char *filename);
int pl_load_keypair(struct pl_ctx *ctx, char *filename);
int pl_save_public_key(char pubkey[crypto_box_PUBLICKEYBYTES], char *filename);
char *pl_load_public_key(char *filename);
int pl_print_keylist(struct pl_ctx *ctx);
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