Commit e0318d77 authored by yids's avatar yids

removed some unnecesary libs in makefile

parent 72134e20
......@@ -11,7 +11,7 @@ test: test.c ../libs/pagerlib/pagerlib.c ../libs/pagerlib/things.c ../libs/pager
$(CC) -std=c99 -g -o test test.c ../libs/pagerlib/pagerlib.c ../libs/pagerlib/things.c -lsodium $(LIBS) $(CFLAGS)
putstest: putstest.c ../libs/pagerlib/pagerlib.c ../libs/pagerlib/things.c ../libs/pagerlib/pagerlib.h ../libs/pagerlib/packets.h
$(CC) -std=c99 -g -o putstest putstest.c ../libs/micro-ecc/uECC.c ../libs/pagerlib/pagerlib.c ../libs/pagerlib/things.c -lmbedtls -lmbedx509 -lsodium -lmbedcrypto $(LIBS) $(CFLAGS)
$(CC) -std=c99 -g -o putstest putstest.c ../libs/micro-ecc/uECC.c ../libs/pagerlib/pagerlib.c ../libs/pagerlib/things.c -lsodium $(LIBS) $(CFLAGS)
rx-test: rx-test.c ../libs/pagerlib/pagerlib.c ../libs/pagerlib/things.c
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